Located in the shadow of the cathedral of Trani Palazzo Filisio Hotel, it underwent careful renovation in the early months of 2018 to recover its original historical name.
The dazzling colors of Light, Stone and Sea have been enhanced and are the elements that characterize the rooms of the Hotel.
"Built in the seventeenth century by the Filisio family ", Palazzo Filisio Hotel - Regia Restaurant today is a 4-star hotel located at the foot of the cathedral of Trani
To recover the historical origin of the building owned by the Filisio family, our logo was inspired by this architectural decorative element, present then as now, to witness the historicity of the current Palazzo Filisio Hotel - Regia Restaurant.
There is no reliable source that tells us the exact meaning of this wonderful historical element, but we were inspired by its evocative beauty, from which our free interpretation was born, creatively transposed into our logo..
As you can see the frieze is characterized by a bell inside which are grouped of small spheres: fascinated by the harmony of the arrangement of these two components, we wanted to repeat them as key elements of our logo.
In detail, all those spheres, placed next to each other, represent, for us, our guests to whom we would always like to reserve that sense of welcome enclosed in the symbol of the bell.
Therefore, if on the one hand these two elements testify to the historicity of the building, on the other hand they communicate the sense of hospitality that will welcome our guests during their stay.

Project by Francesca de Leonardis.

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Trani was a beautiful discovery. The hotel is in a fabulous location in the Cathedral square.

Excellent service and comfort of the rooms

Beautiful room with sea view

delicious seafood dinner and good breakfast

Magnificent location near the sea with the cathedral of Trani in the background,

sublime food from carpaccio to raw seafood.